Mechanical Design Services

Even in this modern world of high-tech devices and software, mechanical engineering still plays just as big of a role as it ever did. New materials and processes open up more options than were previously available. Here at Lava Lab, mechanical engineering is in our blood: we are skilled in CAD/CAM and know the ins and outs of actually building a working prototype and a long-lasting product. We can help you make your concept a reality, and have the foresight to give you different manufacturing and material options ahead of time to accommodate your price target per unit. Lava Lab can tailor a mechanical design to meet your exacting parameters, and at the same time offer assistance as necessary in making thoughtful design choices.

Materials and Processes

From induction-hardened steel to Turcite A, we know our materials, and we know when and where each should be used. We also have experience with a vast array of prototyping and production processes like CNC machining, SLA 3D printing, and injection molding. We always aim to use the material and/or process that fits your needs.


A large majority of product concepts will require both mechanical and electrical design work. Making the two disciplines function together as a team is what we do best. We have worked with everything from motors and strain gauge sensors to microphones and graphical display elements. If it spins, moves, makes noise, or blinks, we can build it into your product.

Making It Fit

The best things often come in the smallest packages. A compact and efficient product is a valuable asset, and here at Lava Lab we are up to the challenge of miniaturization. We understand how to fit a lot of function into a small space. We also excel at making a product that fits within your manufacturing budget while keeping the quality high. This is possible because Lava Lab has decades of experience in finding better ways to put products together.