Electronic Design Services

Electronics can encompass anything from embedded controllers and wireless technology to battery management and high-power motor drivers. Here at Lava Lab, we have all of the bases covered. We keep up with the most modern developments, but also have a good depth of understanding of electricity, semiconductors, and magnetics. We know how to explain the complicated and help take the mystery out of electrical engineering. Finally, Lava Lab can assist with global regulatory compliance, an often necessary part of electrical product design.

Printed Circuit Board Design

Printed circuit boards are a key element of almost every electronic design. They come in all shapes and sizes and can even be made out of flexible laminates if necessary. Designing printed circuit boards is a core competency of Lava Lab – so much so that we invested in writing our own software to do schematic entry and layout.

This means that we can cater to your exact needs, and it also helps us keep costs down and lead times short. Designing PCBs requires more than just good software of course,we have honed our skills on more than 100 designs submitted for manufacture to date. With help from our network of advanced PCB manufacturing facilities, Lava Lab can design and assemble whatever PCB your product needs, even if you come to us already prepared with a mechanical layout.

Analog and Power Electronics

Both analog and power electronics could be considered niche subjects, but they might still be critical elements of your product. Lava Lab has a plethora of expertise with audio systems, and we also have a great background in motor drivers and power supplies – including anything rated from milliwatts to kilowatts. We can handle any level of complexity that your product requires.

System Planning

Lava Lab can provide assistance with simulations and budget-related production. It can often be useful to know how a product will work or how much it will cost before it gets mass-produced or even prototyped.


We have experience with SPICE and other types of simulations, including those using custom scripts, we also keep detailed bills of material for our projects and know how to source quality components. Lava Lab has a strong theoretical understanding, especially of control systems, but we also know the practical side of making a reliable product.