About Us

Technical product development team for hire.

Our goal at Lava Lab is to provide comprehensive solutions for people seeking to create a new product for mass production or a one of a kind installation.  We are believers of strong ideas and supporters of the people who are on a mission to create and see them through. We are here to help.

We are a prototype shop with core competency in hardware design, fabrication and software development. We work to develop and deliver to our clients. With us, you get skilled resources and strategic partnership of a full-service product development and fabrication shop with laser-focused attention to detail, agility, and responsiveness that you would expect from an internal team.  

Lava Lab was founded in 2011, by Stanislav(Stas) Todromovich.  

Stas graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

While at MSU, he co-founded a student organization called Audio Enthusiasts and Engineers who to this day, continue to design and create audio-gear to showcase to the public on Design Day. Everything from amplifiers to microphones to tesla coils speakers are developed and displayed every year. To find out more go to aeemsu.com. 

After graduating Michigan State, Stas joined DuPont in Research and Development in the field of acoustic engineering. 

Extraordinary engineer, inventor, and long time friend, Arthur Matteson joined Lava Lab upon its conception.

With a Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering under his belt, Arthur designed and implemented an electric car drive system, rebuilt his lawnmower to be 100% electric, and built a power inverter for solar panel systems providing unprecedented efficiency. Arthur has designed more that 100 electromagnetic products in his professional career.

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